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I’m Tim from Munich, PADI Divemaster, absolute underwater nerd and in 2018 I founded MANTAHARI Oceancare, my absolute project of the heart.

Tim Noack

The best time to tackle the issue of ocean plastic was probably 40 or 50 years ago; in any case, the second best time is always "now."

At the latest during my time as a dive guide in Komodo/Indonesia I fell completely in love with the beautiful underwater world in South East Asia. To see manta rays almost every day while “working” has moved something in me that cannot be repressed, because it is an incredible feeling to dive surrounded by these peaceful animals. But unfortunately we swim together through a lot of plastic waste. The dramatic: the mantas glide through the water with their mouths wide open to filter out plankton – it is almost impossible to take in any plastic.

That was the moment when I realized,
that I want to become active.

I never wanted to be one of those people who see a problem but then do nothing but feel affected.

Back in my home town of Munich, I had the feeling that I was much too far away from the ocean and therefore couldn’t do anything good against the pollution of the seas. So I created the social fashion startup “MANTAHARI Oceancare” to raise awareness about these important issues from afar, to generate money to be given to our partner, the Marine Megafauna Foundation to finance their projects.

It’s the least I can do from here for my favorite place, the ocean.

Mantahari Manta Giphy

I am convinced that the influence of every single person is extremely important and is exactly the point at which change begins. as they say: “The decisions we make will make the big difference in the world.”

Let us start small together and work together to make your influence valuable!

Reach as many people as possible
with the issue of ocean plastic and inspire them to act.

This has been one of the main motivations to found MANTAHARI.

Workshops - Projects - Impulse speeches

The topic sustainability, ocean protection, plastic avoidance but also change management is very current. Whether in elementary schools, high schools, at events or in companies, I love to give lectures and workshops and provided insights into the fascinating world under water. Of course, plastic and microplastic pollution is a central theme of the presentations and I am happy to report first-hand with illustrative materials to raise awareness of MANTAHARI’s vision and mission. Of course, the goal is not only to take a look behind the scenes, but above all to develop approaches to solutions and impact thinking, whether in private or at the corporate level.

If your school, company or event is interested in the topic and would like me to be a guest, feel free to contact me anytime and we can find a way to reach even more people!

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