“What difference does that one plastic bottle make?”

– a quote from 7.5 billion people. That’s the point… no more, no less.

Several million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year and cost the lives of countless sea creatures – because they get caught in old fishing nets and other garbage or unintentionally take up plastic and die in agony.

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What do we do?

We want to do something about marine pollution! With every product sold, such as a cap made from recycled PET bottles, we support educational work in Indonesia. Because we are firmly convinced: Only if the public and the local government are made aware of the consequences of the large amount of plastic waste in the sea, can anything change.

The core of our vision is that every single person has an impact on the big picture. How good would it be if everyone who comes into contact with the MANTAHARI Oceancare brand consumed more consciously, resulting in less plastic waste. It may be a small step for the individual to rethink the use of “Single Use Plastic”, but it will have a greater impact.

After all, every year 8 million tons of waste ends up in the sea. Recycling alone is not enough to stop this unbelievable mass of waste from increasing even further. In our opinion, the only solution is to avoid plastic. On our blog we regularly show tips on how easy it is to do without plastic in everyday life.

Every little positive influence counts, so your influence counts too!



The goal of our product sales is to generate money for ocean projects, especially for MMF. Apart from the purchase price, only the small amount necessary for the continuation of the project remains with us, the actual profit is donated. Depending on the conditions, the amounts donated vary somewhat, as we have our Apparel Line, for example, produced on demand and therefore relatively expensive.

With our recycled caps for example 10€ go directly to Indonesia.

In order to offer full transparency, we indicate the respective donation share of our products in the shop.

Please note, that we can only provide shipping to European countries so far. We hope to be ablet to provide worldwide shipping in the future.

Amount of money donated to Indonesia so far:
US Dollar

About MANTAHARI Oceancare

Tim Noack Mantahari

I am Tim, Divemaster, passionate traveller and business student from Munich.

At the latest during my time as a dive guide in Komodo/Indonesia I fell completely in love with the beautiful underwater world in South East Asia. To see manta rays almost every day while “working” has moved something in me that cannot be repressed, because it is an incredible feeling to dive surrounded by these peaceful animals. But unfortunately we swim together through a lot of plastic waste. The dramatic: the mantas glide through the water with their mouths wide open to filter out plankton – it is almost impossible to take in any plastic.

That was the moment when I realized that I wanted to become active.

I never wanted to be one of those people who see a problem but then do nothing but feel affected.

Back in my home town of Munich, I had the feeling that I was much too far away from the ocean and therefore couldn’t do anything good against the pollution of the seas. So I created the social fashion start-up “MANTAHARI Oceancare” to draw attention to these important issues even from a distance and generate money to be donated to our partner, the Marine Megafauna Foundation.

This is the least I can do from here for my favourite place, the ocean.

I am convinced that the influence of every single person is extremely important and is exactly the point at which change begins. As Sylvia Earle says, “It’s the choices we make that make all the difference.”

Let us start small together and work together to make your influence valuable!


What has happened to our ocean in recent years is all over the media. Everyone is shocked to see pictures of dying sea creatures and beaches full of plastic. But almost no one really does anything except realize how bad it all is. Often because people do not know how to do something about the increasing pollution of the seas from a distance.

Of course, not everyone can be expected to become an ocean activist, so we offer to help on a small scale. By buying one of our products, a large part of the profit – for example 10 Euros for one of the PET caps – is donated to our partner, the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF). Which part of the total amount will be donated is explained with the respective product in the shop.

What to do about the pollution of the seas?
How can you avoid garbage and live plastic-free? How can we succeed in making our own everyday life more sustainable?

On our social media channels Facebook and Instagram we regularly show you facts about the ocean and its creatures, little “life-hacks” on how to consume a little more environmentally friendly and provide regular thought feeds on this important topic.

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Manta ray adoption!

In addition to the educational work, we are gradually completing donation-based adoptions for manta rays via the Marine Megafauna Foundation. Thus each product of the MANTAHARI Oceancare collection generates money, which is reinvested directly into the conservation projects of the MMF. Not only do you wear a special piece of “Ocean themed” Swag, but you are also an active supporter of the Manta Rays population in Indonesia – embodied by the adopted unique individuals about whom we are happy to keep our sponsors up to date.

Adoptions completed so far:


No matter whether for an own adoption, press inquiries or everything else: We are looking forward to your mail!

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