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“What difference is one bottle to make”– said 7,5 Billion people. Simple as that.

We are convinced, that every single person has an impact on the big picture. We strive for awareness about our consumption, single use plastic, recycling and reusing. Every ones impact matters, your impact matters.

If we can catch attention of hundred people and raise their awareness concerning consumption, the impact is visible. Now think of thousands.

Further we will adopt as many manta rays as possible (via donation) from our Partner “Marine Megafauna Foundation” with the generated money from our sales. So every MANTAHARI Product you wear is not only a unique piece of ocean themed swag, but makes you an active supporter of the manta ray population in Indonesia!


The status quo of our oceans is all over the media, people are talking. Seeing pictures of miserably dying marine animals and beaches full of plastic is shocking to everyone. But hardly anyone is doing something besides commiserating how sad everything is.

Of course we cannot expect from everyone to become an ocean activist, that is why we are offering all of you to help in small scale by purchasing one of our products. The structure of cost, company expenses and donations is fully transparent.

Further we provide an interesting feed on Facebook and Instagram with stunning facts about the oceans, little hints how to consume more environmentally friendly and give food for thoughts about this world-shattering issue.


Where To

Logo of Marine Megafauna Foundation

The Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) is an Ocean Conservation Society, which dedicated their work to protect the marine life. Their strategic pillars are:

  1. Inspiring governments, global policy makers, businesses, and individuals to take action
  2. Research in pursuit of scientific data on threatened species and critical marine habitats
  3. Educate global and local communities to create and empower ocean guardians to develop long-term conservation solutions
  4. Protect marine life and their key habitats by developing effective, sustainable conservation strategies

Please find more information under:

Due to personal experiences and a full insight in the MMFs work in Indonesia, we are absolutely sure, that they are exactly the right receivers for our donations. Out of the usual way of things, we will not send cheques, but sign sponsorships of individual manta rays. With this adoption, we will get E-Mail updates and photos every time “our” manta is seen and registered by a diver. Check for further information.

We are very happy to have the MMF as partner and receiver for the generated donation share, as they stand for saving threatened marine life with research, education and sustainable conservation solutions.




With every support, further percentages of the video will be released.

To make our vision tangible we will activate 0,25 seconds of this video for every purchased product from time to time. Once you see the whole beautiful video of the manta ray, you can be sure, that the first adoptions from the money you generated (equally donated) are in the books.

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You are heroes and ocean lovers!


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Julia Laggner
Ocean loving friends
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About Us

Picture of Founder Tim Noack

I am Tim, Divemaster, passionate traveler and economics student at the technical university of Munich.

Since my Divemaster Training in Komodo/Indonesia I completely fell in love with the Marine Fauna in South East Asia. Especially after seeing the Mantas almost every day changed something in me that I can‘t forget about.

Being back in Munich to finish my Masters I didn´t want to lose the connection to the ocean and all the interesting conservation projects in Indonesia. So I started the project “Mantahari Oceancare” to raise awareness and generate money for the conservation society of my choice in Indonesia, the Marine Megafauna Foundation, which is the least I can do for the underwater world I love so much.

I am convinced that the impact of every single person is most important and the starting point for a change. As Sylvia Earle says: “The choices we make will make all the difference”

So let´s start small and work together to make your impact matter.

Side Note: I always talk from “us”, because even though I founded the project, there are so many great people involved and helping wherever they can. By buying one of our products, you are part of the supporter Group, too, so Mantahari is not my project, its ours.


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Mantahari Oceancare.

I am here for any further questions or inquiries.

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