The Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) is a marine conservation organization that conducts research and science to educate the public and the Indonesian government about the causes of the problem of polluted oceans and to combat the problem at source.

Marine Megafauna Foundation

The strategic building blocks are:

  1. Inspiring governments, local influencers, companies and individuals to take action.
  2. Research to gain scientific knowledge about endangered species and threatened habitats.
  3. Education of global and local communities to train and encourage Ocean Guardians to develop long-term conservation strategies
  4. Protection of marine life, their habitats and development of the most effective and sustainable protection strategy.

You can find more information on the website of the Marine Megafauna Foundation.

Thanks to personal experience and a comprehensive insight into the work of MMF in Indonesia, we are absolutely convinced that they are exactly the right recipient of our donations. But unlike usual, we will not simply transfer money or send cheques… we will take on sponsorships of individual Manta Rays!

With this adoption we get regular e-mail updates and photo of “our” mantas when they are seen and registered by divers. For more information you can find out more at

We are pleased to have MMF as a partner and target for the donations we generate, as we believe their values provide just the right approach to make a difference in threatened regions and to do something about the sea dump in the long term.

On site!

Strong partnership in Indonesia

I try to travel to Indonesia once a year and promote the project locally. Since I’m still in Munich most of the time, it’s extremely important to have good and trustful contact with our partner, the MMF. Ellie is Head of SE Asia Department and our local contact person.



Stadtholz plays a central role in our project. From the production of the caps to the support and advice in all creative areas… without city wood we would not work!


The Öko Druckerei Ulenspiegel helps us with print requests and thus complements our POS possibilities in a sustainable and high-quality way!


Our clothing producer & drop-shipping partner fits us like a glove. Jung, modern, nachhaltig und mit einer ähnlichen Vision!


FLUID was the first shop to sell us offline and therefore has a special place in our hearts. Super centrally located it is still the offline shop #1 for Mantahari products!


Our bags and bottles are manufactured regionally and of high quality at Edelstoff in Dachau. We are happy to be able to enjoy the great service even with small editions.


Hansi is a great photographer and actually shoots for huge brands and big campaigns. For us he helps out because as a surfer he stands behind the same thing – super cool!

Adoption partners

Anja Flessa

Anja Flessa & Team, in person of Kathl, were the first “external” to adopt a Manta. The dedicated Pilates group therefore has a special place in our hearts.


The guys from Rammlerbräu have adopted Jochen the Jochen and are “fully” behind our project. Thanks for the support and cheers, guys!


The 2nd league players of the TSV Mimmtnhausen didn’t miss the chance to collect donations and get a ray – Great, thanks!

Adopt your ray!

Both companies and associations have already adopted! We think this is great and can also offer “private” adoptions. First of all we would like to thank Matthias Hach, who together with BeachRookie has already adopted 3 rays privately in a great campaign.

If you are interested, please contact us!

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