Report about the plastic problem & Mantahari

Reporting around the issue of ocean plastics and microplastics is very important. Report about the plastic problem & Mantahari That was – besides the donation idea of our project – the main reason to start MANTAHARI and to invest a lot of time and heart blood. An important part of our mission is to make as many people as possible aware of the problem – this is where media have enormous leverage and the opportunity to multiply the reach and reach many thousands of people.

Our experiences here have been consistently positive, whether print, digital or TV, the topic of sustainability and the founder story, first-hand stories and much more are very effective in the media.

We have collected the most important information for you, do not hesitate to contact us for an inquiry!

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If your special impact can be to bring the message to the world through the medium you work for – go for it!

References so far

There have already been reports from various media about Mantahari and thus also about the topic of plastic and microplastic pollution of the oceans. You can get a little insight here:

As part of the TZ Advent calendar, Mantahari was allowed to fill a door. Since then, many Munich residents know the brand!

Below in the picture there is a small impression.

In the special issue of TAUCHEN magazine there was a whole page to read about Mantahari in line with the theme of the issue.

Below in the picture there is a small impression.

Presse über Mantahari


Those who prefer to watch or listen will find what they are looking for here. A small collection of videos that might help and podcast episodes in which Mantahari was the topic – sorry! All on german besides that Rubbish Diver Interview.


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