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Oceanic Manta Cap


Donation share: 10€ (> 50% of our profit)

Oh how beautiful it is! Our deep blue Icon Cap “OCEANIC MANTA”!

You love our logo. The good thing is… so do we! Therefore, in this new model on the dreamy color of the ocean there is a white stick with our iconic manta ray. The waves on the underside of the cap perfectly match the maritime look – by the way, the cap is a tribute to the genus of oceanic manta rays – the giant manta rays, which with a wingspan of over 7 meters are unfortunately threatened with extinction

Together we make a statement – your impact matters! With the Mantahari logo on your head you will become an ambassador and ocean hero.

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As with all our caps, only materials & yarns fromrecycled PET bottles certified by the Control Union and tested according to the Global Recycled Standardwere used.

Don't forget: with every purchase you donate 10€ to the Marine Megafauna Foundationdirectly to Indonesia!


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 15 cm
GRS certified

Material made from recycled PET bottles, certified with the Global Recycling Standard.

Snapback closure

Size adjustable and thus adjustable from approx. 54-65cm