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Sea Weed R Cap


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One of the new models! Life is not all blue under water. Green as the sea grass, made from recycled PET bottles!

There’s the first new style and what a spectacular one!!! Military green is in, we call it “Sea Weed” green. Because under water you can find whole meadows of sea grass, which give the ocean a magical greenish glow. Clean white lettering and the psycho-wave print on the bottom perfectly round out your new favorite accessory!

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As with all our caps, only materials & yarns fromrecycled PET bottles certified by the Control Union and tested according to the Global Recycled Standardwere used.

Don't forget: with every purchase you donate 10€to the Marine Megafauna Foundationdirectly to Indonesia!


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 15 cm
GRS certified

Material made from recycled PET bottles, certified with the Global Recycling Standard.

Snapback closure

Size adjustable and thus adjustable from approx. 54-65cm