The goal of our product sales is to generate money for ocean projects, most notably the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF). Mantahari founder Tim got to know and appreciate the marine conservation organization in Indonesia. Through research and educational projectsthey try to educate the public and the Indonesian government and thereby tackle the problem of polluted seas at the root.

The strategic building blocks are:

1. Inspiring governments, local influencers, businesses and individuals to take action.

2. Research to obtain scientific knowledge about threatened species and threatened habitats.

3. Building global and local communities to educate and encourage Ocean Guardians to develop long-term conservation strategies.

4.Protect marine life, their habitats and develop the most effective and sustainable conservation strategy possible.

You are welcome to read more information on the Website of the Marine Megafauna Foundation.

Thanks to personal experiences and a comprehensive insight into the We are absolutely convinced that the work of the MMF in Indonesia is exactly the right recipient of our donations. But unlike usual, we won't just transfer money or send checks... we adopt individual manta rays!

With this adoption, we get regular email updates and photos of "ours “ Mantas when seen and recorded by divers. For more information, you are welcome to learn more at

We are glad that we have the MMF as a partner and target of our generated donations, as they share their values In our opinion, has exactly the right approach to achieve something in the threatened regions and to do something against the sea as a garbage dump in the long term.

,I try to travel to Indonesia once a year and promote the project there. Since I'm still in Munich most of the time, it's extremely important to have good and trusting contact with our partner, MMF. We exchange ideas weekly, there are updates about the state of affairs on site and everything to do with new studies, new internships and purchases that are financed with our donations is coordinated."


Town wood plays a central role in our project. From the production of the caps to support and advice in all creative areas... we wouldn't function without Stadtholz!

Beach volleyball and mantahari have gone hand in hand since the beginning. All the better that we were able to start a cooperation with the BVV! It's about making the Beach Tour a little more sustainable!

Damn. What a match! We are super happy that we have come together with the brilliant start-up from Austria. Concept stores on the subject of plastic-free living & upcycling!

Urs has been shooting for us since 2020 and we are super grateful for the collaboration. An absolute professional and experienced photographer in the sports, outdoor and lifestyle area is simply worth its weight in gold! Thank you Urs!

We have already adopted a few manta rays with the Allgäu company! There was a super cap co-branding via the #teamtöpfer beach volleyball team. It's just nice when companies focus on sustainability.

We are part of the Plastic Fischer Club! The boys use river trash booms to catch a whole lot of plastic on its way to the sea. We support each other... perfect match.

The perfect logistics partner for our mission. Reliable, fast and, above all, plastic-free, the friendly family business has been storing and sending all your shipments since 2020 and thus has our backs free.

Having mobility, flexibility and storage space for packages has become very important for Mantahari to be efficient. It's great that we have a regional partner who thinks very sustainably in Autohaus Sirch. Little ZOE is awesome!


Anja Flessa & Team, in the person of Kathl, were the first "external" to adopt a manta ray. The committed Pilates group therefore has a special place in our hearts.

The 2nd league players of TSV Mimmenhausen didn't miss the opportunity to collect donations and secure a ray for themselves on a campaign game day - great, thank you!

Christian Tannek and his team really pitched in. They raised over 3,000 euros with a great campaign and, among other things, completed adoptions! Great class!

ASV Dachau has already done two co-brandings with us and ordered cool recycled caps for the youth department. A total of 6 manta rays could thus be adopted - brilliant!

Definitely the best Mezcal in Germany! Founder Stefan was in Komodo himself, knows the problem and just adopted 8 manta rays. Thank you very much & Cheers!

XIBIX Solutions shows how it's done! For all employees there was a co-branded MANTAHARI hoodie, from the B2B purchase 600 euros could be donated, i.e. 3 manta adoptions were completed.

Das Hamburger Startup ist eine Plattform für Surfmaterial und den Surfsport allgemein. Der Fokus liegt auf nachhaltigen und hochwertigen Surf Produkten, da liegt der Ozeanschutz sehr nahe und das ist großartig!


We met Charlie at InterDive and were amazed by his enormous selection of unique jewelry made of coconut and silver. Whether you're a diver or a traveler... check it out!

BeachR and the Reset Sports construct are all about sublimated, sustainable sportswear. Tim is part of the founding team and the brands complement each other perfectly, click here!

We came across Berti and his extremely high-quality titanium jewelery from Switzerland, practically under water. We stayed in touch from the Maldives and we're working on some jewelry together!

Sustainable, high-quality and durable equipment for your outdoor adventure - products that have little environmental impact but offer a lot of fun. And of course you can also buy Mantahari here!

Here is practically everything you need to know or have about beach volleyball. The medium number 1 in sports and also with Mantahari Caps in the shop! Thank you for letting us be on board!

With a lot of passion for marine conservation! With lectures at schools, in clubs and companies, a lot of heart and soul is invested here to draw attention to the problems that the sea has.

We met Andreas from the DTR Shop at a diving fair. He runs a super detailed shop for everything to do with diving equipment, feel free to take a look around! It's worth it.

The boys and girls from Surfpoint in Italy wear MANTAHARI caps! Information material and discount codes can also be found in the surf schools. Stick together on the water and underwater!


Private individuals, companies and associations have already adopted! We think that's great and can also offer "private" adoptions. Above all, we would like to thank Matthias Hach, who, together with BeachRookie, have already privately adopted 3 rays in a great campaign.

If you are interested, please contact us!