We want to take action against marine pollution. On site and in everyone's mind, because: The western world also has a large share in the pollution of our oceans! Every product helps with the donation share in Indonesia to help finance research, education and cleanups and we have a lot planned here too.

Each year 8 million tons of garbage end up in the sea. Recycling alone is not enough to stop this incredible amount of waste from continuing to grow. In our opinion, the only solution is to avoid plastic.

The MMF conducts on-site research into the extent of the plastic and microplastic pollution in the feeding grounds of the manta rays and takes a close look at the current situation in the laboratory. Isn't it frightening how much plastic particles manta rays or whale sharks inevitably have to ingest every hour?

By the way, on our blog we regularly show insights into what's happening in Indonesia and give tips on how easy it is you can do without plastic in everyday life.



Especially during the time of the pandemic, the research site on the small island of Nusa Lembongan (Bali, Indonesia) was in a real bind. Since then, all companies in the tourism industry, which NGOs normally cross-finance, have been fighting for their own survival. It's crazy that our small community project from Munich has been able to cover almost all costs over the past two years and thus guarantee that operations can continue. We are extremely proud that all of Mantahari's customers support us so actively and continue to stand behind the vision and mission.

We are in constant contact with the local team:


The story with Janis and us is special. We were the first to make it possible for the young, talented scientist to be able to work full-time for MMF after her internship. From Indonesia, for Indonesia. Now Project Leader of MMF in Indonesia and we all have a small share!



Ellie is a Senior Scientist and our primary onsite contact. The Canadian wrote her doctoral thesis on microplastics in connection with filter feeders and is an absolute expert in this field. We're so glad we had the right person by our side in Ellie from the start.


Thania hat einen Bachelor in Informatik, obwohl sie bereits für Reef Restaurations gearbeitet hat und letztes Jahr als MMF-Praktikantin in Lembongan war. Seit ihrem ersten Tauchgang verliebte sie sich in den Ozean und und möchte mehr Menschen ermutigen, den Ozean zu schützen. Sie wurde Divemaster und kam als Research Assistent zum MMF zurück, um ihre Kenntnisse in den Bereichen Daten zur Megafauna und Tourismus zu vertiefen.

We are proud not only to be jointly responsible for Jani's permanent position and numerous internships for young Indonesians, but also to have contributed to three scientific papers so far through the donations generated. Everyone who supports Mantahari in any way, be it by making a purchase or following and discussing the project on social media and face to face, has a part in this. From the bottom of the ocean: Thank you.

Scientific work

If you've always wanted to know what's so special about the Nusa Penida Conservation Area and its local manta rays, you should read this!

Jani's first own study! A visual assignment and polymer analysis of the microplastics at the typical "feeding places" of rays.

A study on near-surface microplastics and microplastics in whale shark excrement in the Philippines

A large-scale study of various locations in relation to microplastics in highly frequented areas for filter feeders such as manta rays or whale sharks.



With other organizations you get a standard mail and maybe a card - we get sponsorships with manta rays from the MMF as a nice and heartfelt symbolic return for all our support - how cool is that?

That means, that we can adopt a manta ray for a donation of 200 USD, name it and receive the certificate. With over 1000 manta rays in the database in Komodo National Park and off Nusa Penida, there is still plenty to adopt!

We were so proud of our first two rays - now there are over 130 rays! You can find examples of what this adoption can look like here. Isn't it great that with the Manta Matcher optical database, each individual can be matched by the unique "Belly Print" and we always get an email when one of our Manta Rays is sighted?

The MMF certificates look so beautiful - you want to become a sponsor yourself? In addition to the donation share of the product sales, with which we regularly adopt ourselves, we also offer private sponsorships. This has already been used as a "guardian angel" at birth, as a Christmas present or simply for yourself. Name rights and certificate are then yours!


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Hier ein Überblick über alle Mantas, die zum Stand November 2021 adoptiert wurden und wo diese gesichtet wurden:

Adoption Request

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Of course, not everyone can be expected to become an ocean activist. Therefore we offer you to help on a small scale. By buying one of our products, you become an ambassador for the Mantahari brand and you may have delved a bit into the core idea of ​​the project. 50% of the profit - with one of the PET Caps, for example, it is 10 euros - will be donated to our partner, the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF), donated. Which part of the total amount is donated is explained with the respective product in the shop. In any case, the donation share is so high that the costs of the project are covered - nothing more.

Have it on site we can already make a difference, thanks to the many products that thousands of Mantahari Brand Ambassadors are already using, we have already been able to donate almost 30,000 USD to Indonesia, where our colleagues Ellie and Janis continue to support interns and give everything for research and education on site..

The World Ocean Reviews, now in their 6th edition, are recommended further reading. We read here constantly and dive deeper into the artery. You can download the volumes for free - absolute recommendation!

The other source that is in constant use is the Böll Foundation's plastic atlas. Also open source and full of frightening but very important information, super processed statistics and more.